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  • December 8, 2016 - JSI Services joins the ESIA Group of Companies - Energy Software Intelligence Analytics (“ESIA”) is pleased to announce the completion of an exclusive licensing agreement with JSI Services Ltd (“JSI”). The agreement with JSI expands ESIA’s global analytical reach into the international upstream acquisition & divestment (“A&D”) market through the addition of JSI’s global coverage of deals and opportunities. - The agreement is aligned with the growth strategy for ESIA that includes a mix of new product development and... More →
  • May 30, 2017 - NDR 2017! - We are looking forward to attending the National Data Repository 2017 event in Stavanger, Norway, June 6th-8th 2017. - We will be there supporting clients with their NDR offerings and advising on licensing rounds through PR and events. - Looking forward to seeing everyone there and enjoying the beautiful Stavanger as well as the technical... More →
  • June 20, 2017 - PGS extends OvationData service contract - London, UK – OvationData Limited is pleased to announce the extension of their current trace management service agreement with PGS to 2023. - In 2013 PGS sought a vendor capable of providing cloud data storage and specialised data services to manage extensive PGS’ global seismic library. OvationData successfully secured a five-year service agreement with PGS. - In 2016, PGS had a requirement to remaster a large portion of aging media to modern high-density media. PGS revisited the initial... More →
  • April 21, 2016 - An Army of (s)WORDS - The history of human languages and their origin is a fascinating subject and continues to be a subject of research, dispute and obscurity. The available historical knowledge is insufficient to explain not only how speech got developed, but why different languages exist. Among the thousands languages and among the millions words spoken today, no one knows what the first language was nor does anyone know what the first word was. Historians, philosophers, religious people and researchers have... More →
  • June 6, 2016 - Shuffling the Deck - When I was a young, naïve mother, my children asked if I’d like to play a new card game. “It’s called 52 card pickup” they cried with childish glee. Responding as a dutiful – if tired – mother I enthusiastically (!) agreed, at which point they threw a pack of cards up into the air and fled, laughing. - It strikes me, as I recall that moment, that our industry in some ways is playing “52 card pickup”. Almost daily we hear of companies being sold, going into administration, or... More →

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"Tracey was an asset to RPS Energy. She approaches her work with enthusiasm and passion and has a full understanding of the business she supports. With an excellent grasp of Marketing she is an extremely successful member of the team."

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