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  • agosto 15, 2017 - RISC Consultivo suporte a clientes com Unconventional Oil and Gas Expertise - RISC Advisory have released a short video showing their expertise in the unconventional oil and gas space. - [embedvideo type="youtube"... Mais →
  • agosto 22, 2017 - empresa australiana Frogtech Geoscience melhora prospectivity triagem de petróleo por resolver o enigma fluxo de calor regional com TERRAFLUX - 22 Setembro 2017: Today, leading Australian geoscience company Frogtech Geoscience announces the release of TERRAFLUX, an innovative multi-client heat flow product, providing a unique new approach to assess regional heat flow variability for petroleum system modelling. - TERRAFLUX provides a present-day model for basement heat flow derived from Frogtech Geoscience’s well-known, trademark SEEBASE® studies. - Unlike a traditional interpolated grid, TERRAFLUX is derived from the integration... Mais →
  • Setembro 11, 2017 - Novos parceiros e nova geração de liderança em RISC Consultivo - RISC Advisory CEO Peter Dawson announced today that the board and shareholders of RISC Advisory were releasing equity in the business to attract and retain the best and brightest in the industry to RISC Advisory. - As a first step, and on behalf of the Board and shareholders, Mr Dawson said that he was very pleased to announce the appointment of three new Partners to the business – Martin Wilkes, Gavin Ward and Michael Roberts. - Martin Wilkes, based in Perth, has become a national... Mais →
  • Setembro 11, 2017 - Matthias Hartung junta TARGET como Presidente, Transformação digital - Leading expert to inspire change in upstream data delivery - [MUSCAT, OMAN] [11, Setembro 2017] – TARGET announces today the appointment of Matthias Hartung as President of Digital Transformation with effect from 11 Setembro. Matthias, who previously worked for Shell as Vice President Technical Data, is a world-leading expert in upstream oil and gas data management. His appointment reflects TARGET’s commitment to addressing the current call for increased capital efficiencies in... Mais →
  • Outubro 25, 2017 - Martin Todd assume como Diretor Geral da UTP - Universal Tool and Production Company (UTP) are delighted to announce that Martin Todd will take over from David Ferris as Managing Director, following David’s retirement in October 2017. - Martin joined the UTP Team as Business Development Manager in May 2017, from H+S Aviation Ltd., the military and commercial aircraft engine repair and overhaul business located in Portsmouth. During his 21 years there, Martin served as the business leader of the Propeller, GE and Field Services Programmes.... Mais →
  • Abril 21, 2016 - An Army of (s)WORDS - The history of human languages and their origin is a fascinating subject and continues to be a subject of research, dispute and obscurity. The available historical knowledge is insufficient to explain not only how speech got developed, but why different languages exist. Among the thousands languages and among the millions words spoken today, no one knows what the first language was nor does anyone know what the first word was. Historians, philosophers, religious people and researchers have... Mais →
  • Junho 6, 2016 - Shuffling the Deck - When I was a young, naïve mother, my children asked if I’d like to play a new card game. “It’s called 52 card pickup” they cried with childish glee. Responding as a dutiful – if tired – mother I enthusiastically (!) agreed, at which point they threw a pack of cards up into the air and fled, laughing. - It strikes me, as I recall that moment, that our industry in some ways is playing “52 card pickup”. Almost daily we hear of companies being sold, going into administration, or... Mais →

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