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  • Mars 13, 2020 - PETROSEN / SÉNÉGAL attribution de licences 2020 - The Ministère du Pétrole et des Energies, Sénégal, together with the Société des pétroles du Sénégal (Petrosen) and supported by GeoPartners Ltd, is to launch the 2020 Senegal Licensing Round with an opening event on January 28th 2020, at the King Fahd Hotel, Dakar. The Licensing Round, announced at Africa Oil Week in Cape Town in November 2019, comprises ten (10) blocks on offer in the MSGBC Basin, offshore Senegal. The Round launches officially on Friday 31st January 2020, and... Plus →
  • Mars 13, 2020 - TARGET annonce la sortie officielle du logiciel de simulation MEERA - TARGET announces today the official release of its MEERA simulation package. A revolutionary break through that combines AI and numerical simulation models in one framework making it the first AI-Physics augmented reservoir simulator. - MEERA Simulator is a conventional 3D, 3-phase numerical reservoir simulator which guarantees mass conservation for all compositions within the reservoir and wells using flux conserved form of finite volume discretization for governing Navier-Stokes equations.... Plus →
Our response to the outbreak of Covid-19 is simply to carry on for as long as possible! We are aware that many events will be cancelled or postponed, and our involvement in those will be limited for the duration. toutefois, we see this as an opportunity to support our clients in other areas.
For many companies this will be a time to batten down the hatches, look at business strategy for when the quarantines are lifted, and work out how to maintain a corporate presence in the meantime. So this note is to remind you that we offer a number of services around content and promotion, qui peut vous aider à court (ou à long!) terme, et vous aider à sortir devant vos concurrents à l'avenir.
Votre contenu actuel du site Web, ou at-il besoin d'un rafraîchissement? What about other marketing materials such as brochures and flyers? Updating your content is a good way to move your website up the SEO rankings, et vous aider à faire le point sur la façon dont vous racontez votre histoire d'entreprise.
Now might be the time to write that thought leadership article or white paper that’s been brewing in your mind for a while. Perhaps your business would benefit from a whole new social media strategy, or you have ideas for creating new material on technical subjects or training courses. Enforced isolation might well be the catalyst for new ways of thinking and working.
Faire des vagues peuvent aider à tous ces, not just during this time of social distancing. Our staff are skilled in putting together new, contenu passionnant, rafraîchissante et la mise à jour du matériel de marketing, et de soutenir nos clients avec des articles d'écriture, white papers and other technical content. Whether it’s proof-reading or editing existing content, ou d'écrire quelque chose de nouveau, nous pouvons aider.

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"Tracey était un atout pour RPS Energy. Elle aborde son travail avec enthousiasme et passion et a une compréhension complète de l'entreprise, elle prend en charge. Avec une excellente maîtrise du marketing, elle est un membre très réussie de l'équipe."

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