Bell Geospace Completes Successful Survey over Challenging Environment

Bell Geospace, world leaders in Gravity Gradiometry™, have just completed a complex survey over a technically and environmentally challenging part of Greenland for Black Angel Mining.  Covering transition zones of ice, water and rock, in variable weather conditions, the team were able to cover the area from a base inKangerlussuaq, Western Greenland.

“This was a particularly challenging project” said John Macfarlane, General Manager of Bell Geospace.  “Flying at an altitude of 250m, 170m above our normal flying height, through fjords and escarpments in poor weather in order to acquire optimal data is only possible because of the aircraft we use, a Basler Turbo 67. The aircraft has twin Pratt and Whitney Turbine engines and state of the art avionics, and is flown by highly experienced airborne geophysical pilots. The long range fuel tanks and 100ft wingspan of the Basler Turbo aircraft gave us the stability and stamina vital for surveying in this environment. This aircraft, deemed to be the best fixed wing platform available for this type of acquisition, is equipped with Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry, Magnetics and LiDAR instruments.  We were able to acquire the entire dataset without disturbing the sensitive environment, including the eider ducks mating nearby and expect exceptional results for our client”.

Bell Geospace completed the survey on 14th July and delivered interim images within 24 hours. Black Angel expect to start drilling by the middle of August, after receiving the processed and interpreted data only 4 weeks from the acquisition completion.

For more information about Bell Geospace visit their website