Hannon Westwood partners with Highland Geology to offer Isle of Wight Onshore Licensing Round Review

Building on the success of its UKCS Offshore Licensing Round Reports and as part of its increasing coverage of the UK Onshore market, Hannon Westwood has partnered with Highland Geology Ltd to offer the non-exclusive report “Rationale for a UK 14th Onshore Licence Round Application and Exploration Programme in the Isle of Wight”. IOW bedrock

In producing this Review all of the available released seismic and well data has been used to define two significant undrilled targets for conventional oil and gas that lie in currently unlicensed onshore acreage. The larger of the two plays is the Arreton Fault footwall, one of the biggest undrilled closed structures in UKCS, which is adjacent to a proven kitchen.  The Review addresses misconceptions about the risk in drilling this target, and de-risks it with some new ideas.

The Review also discusses exploration history, seismic database, options for future work programmes and a suggested application strategy for the 14th Onshore Licence Round as well as an investigation of possible drilling sites. Purchasers of the Review have the option to visit and work with the Kingdom data in preparing their application and to draw on Hannon Westwood expertise before and after application. With the application deadline for the 14th Onshore Licence Round closing at 14.00 on 28 October 2014, this Review will save time and manpower and offers a new perspective that should not be ignored.

For more information go to www.hannonwestwood.com.