Join us in Madrid at EAGE 2015

The next event that we will be attending is EAGE 2015 in Madrid. This is the 77th Conference and Exhibition and is running under the theme of ‘Earth Science for Energy and Environment’. Taking place from 1-4 Juni 2015, the event comprises a large conference with more than 8,000 delegates, an exhibition, a student programme, workshops and short courses.

We are all aware of the pressures on the scientific community to mitigate the reliance on fossil fuels and behave in a responsible manner towards the environment. This conference, drawing as it does delegates from across the world and from many different disciplines, provides an opportunity for discussion of some of the complex questions that need to be addressed.

Marcos Mozetic, Chairman of the Local Advisory Committee, says:

Nevertheless, I feel obliged to ask myself two questions: What if efficient alternatives take longer than expected? What if fine-tuning of global climate models indicates more complex interactions between natural and man-made effects than currently accepted? The only answer to both a belief or denial position is a deeper scientific understanding and further technology development. We require scientific debate to better understand the key underlying issues and technology advance to continue providing the energy resources needed: without compromising our future energy needs while assuring our communities the smallest possible negative impact.
The global nature of EAGE’s annual convention and the multidisciplinary assembly it is able to involve can expose plural points of view on these subjects. This is a golden opportunity to set the agenda to provide answers in the medium term. Progress will not be achieved without an open sharing of knowledge, which is the basis of our Convention.

It promises to be an interesting conference, and all in the wonderful setting of Madrid. We look forward to seeing you there.

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For further details of the conference follow the link EAGE 2015