Let Data Tell its Own Story

Arria NLG plc (AIM: NLG), a leader in the development and deployment of Natural Language Generation (“NLG”) technologies, announces that they are sponsoring the Digital Oilfields Summit in London 2014 on 2-4 December.  Dr Robert Dale, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Strategy Scientist will present on the topic of NLG ‘Let your data tell you its story’ on 3rd December.

Robert.Dale_Arria CTO & Chief Strategy Scientist

Dr Dale will focus on how the new science of information delivery provides cutting-edge techniques that enable data to explain itself, using language, as the best-of-breed information delivery mechanism.

The talk includes a presentation on the key features of natural language generation (NLG): scalability, customisation, and expert knowledge capture. Dr Dale will also demonstrate NLG in use, providing decision support for asset integrity management in the oil and gas world. He will show how NLG can turn data into actionable reports and highlight the potential NLG offers as the new human-machine interface.


For more information on the event go to http://www.digitaloilfieldsevent.com/. To read more about Arria NLG contact  or go to www.arria.com.

The Arria NLG Engine:

Key features of the Arria NLG Engine include:

  • Capturing in its software the client’s own domain expertise for analysing data and communicating the information extracted from that data
  • Automatically writing reports that are indistinguishable from those that a human expert would write and containing recommended action
  • Producing results in seconds rather than hours. Because expert knowledge is built into Arria software, this process that can be replicated, scaled up, and made available globally, 24/7/365.