“Necessary Evil Time” and Knowledge Workers

necessary-evil-quotes-3Throwing out the baby with the bath water….is there an alternative to losing expertise through job cuts? In 2015, hundreds of thousands of workers in the oil and gas industry were laid off to save money, yet in the same moment losing countless years’ worth of asset in capability and knowledge.
An oilfield services (OFS) company is using a concept that may help stem the tide of job cuts and this asset loss. Several years ago they thought about how their engineers and technical sales staff, when in the office, struggled to keep up with an important task: populating the company’s database with information from daily drilling reports (DDRs). These were in full or summarized form and gleaned from clients who were using
their drill bits — a quid pro quo of the sale, providing important feedback for the OFS company to drive further sales and operational decision-making. It was clear at that time that information
capture from DDRs was deadline driven — rushed and selectively done — which could not be in the company’s interests: the integrity and quality of this key dataset was being compromised.  Read more here: Necessary Evil Time (from PPDM Foundations 2016 Q1 Vol 3.1)