New for PETEX 2016 – Future Working Zone

PETEX 2016 looks to the future for new ideas, new ways of working, smarter, faster and more efficiently.  This year we are delighted to include the Future Working Zone – exclusively for those working in the digital energy arena, providing solutions around people, processes and technology.  The Zone will include a full technical programme and opportunities for exhibitors to take a small booth at a special price. 

Technical themes will include:

  • The Future is different – How?
  • Integrated, Collaborative working – case studies and new ideas
  • Changing the way we work
  • Working smarter in a low oil price environment
  • Traditional Data Management – how will it evolve?
  • Standards – can we create a global community?
  • National Data Repositories – National Treasure or Necessary Evil?

Exhibition space is limited in the Zone, please contact for information.  The PETEX committee will be sending out a formal call for papers in the near future, please contact Tracey if you wologo-target-rgbuld like to be included.

The Future Working Zone is kindly sponsored by Target Energy Solutions.