PGS extends OvationData service contract

London, UK – OvationData Limited is pleased to announce the extension of their current trace management service agreement with PGS to 2023.

In 2013 PGS sought a vendor capable of providing cloud data storage and specialised data services to manage extensive PGS’ global seismic library. OvationData successfully secured a five-year service agreement with PGS.

In 2016, PGS had a requirement to remaster a large portion of aging media to modern high-density media. PGS revisited the initial service agreement and subsequently extended the contract for Ovation to perform this service and also to take advantage of improvements in technology.

“We are delighted that our work for PGS thus far has resulted in this extension” says Steve Murphy, Sales Manager at OvationData. “The agreement has not only been extended in terms of time, but also in scope, and we are offering a wider range of services that encompasses new technology and builds on the experience we have with other clients”.

Tom Ziegler of PGS further commented, “This was an excellent opportunity for PGS to improve the integrity of our MultiClient library and ensure continued first-class service to our clients for data delivery. OvationData has a proven track record with us making the extension an easy decision.”

About OvationData

OvationData provides a comprehensive range of geophysical and geological data management services. These services include cloud hosting, outsourcing of data management services, and data remastering. OvationData has data centres in London and Houston and provides on-premises and hosted data management services to a broad range of global E&P clients.

About PGS

PGS is a focused marine geophysical company that provides a broad range of seismic and reservoir services, including acquisition, imaging and interpretation. The PGS MultiClient data library is among the largest in the seismic industry, with modern 3D seismic covering all significant offshore hydrocarbon provinces.