Sir Tony Robinson Talking Volcanoes in London

Tuesday 10 March 2015, 18.00-20.00, Central Hall Westminster, Storey’s Gate, SW1H 9NH London

 The Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain (PESGB) is delighted to announce that Sir Tony Robinson, star of the BBC’s Blackadder series and presenter of the hugely popular Channel 4 documentary Time Team, will deliver this year’s Stoneley Lecture on the subject of nature’s most dangerous, destructive and yet strangely beautiful events: volcanoes.

 2015 is the 200th anniversary of  the ‘super-colossal’ eruption of Mount Tambora in Indonesia, the largest ever recorded by humans, making this an apt subject for the latest in the highly-regarded series of Stoneley Lectures.

 Named after the late geologist and Emeritus Professor at Imperial College London, Robert Stoneley, the lectures exist to provide the public with an accessible and enjoyable path into various aspects of geology. Past presenters have included TV personalities Hugh Dennis and Dallas Campbell.

 Sir Tony, with the help of two expert and well known volcanologists, Dr. Evgenia Ilyinskaya and Dr. Dougal Jerram, will explore how new island states have been formed and entire communities devastated by the power of volcanoes.

 Dr. Ilyinskaya works for the British Geological Survey where she draws on her experience of monitoring the recent Eyjafjallajökull, Grímsvötn and Holuhraun eruptions in Iceland to measure how volcanic gases may impact our environment.  Dr Dougal Jerram, better known as the One Show’s Dr Volcano, is a volcano enthusiast who has used books, scientific papers, journals and television programmes to introduce as many people as possible to these explosive events.

The lecture promises to be an extremely enjoyable and informative event and is open to everyone. 

To see one of the UK’s best loved personalities and to purchase tickets  (only £15) please visit: