Society for Data Managers to be Created

A Memorandum of Intent (MOI) to establish a global professional society for Petroleum Data Managers has been agreed by representatives from Common Data Access (CDA), the Expert Community for Information Management (ECIM) and the Professional Petroleum Data Management Association (PPDM).  The aim of the society, which will be not-for-profit, international and independent, is to be the place where professional data managers go for community, body of knowledge and professional development.

Rusty Foreman of BP notes that “the society will be available to all individuals involved or interested in petroleum data management, whether from oil companies, NOCs, service companies, regulators, academia or anywhere else.  It promotes the value of data management as a career destination, with professional qualifications and regular certification.  An open, transparent society will enable a community to develop, where knowledge is shared and the industry as a whole can benefit from this initiative”.

CDA, ECIM and PPDM all have pre-existing work in this area, including competencies, education, training, certification, accreditation, events, publications, standards and bodies of knowledge.  The society aims to bring that experience and breadth of understanding together to create a firm foundation for industry acknowledgement of the need for professionalization and recognition of the business value of good data management.

Work groups have been set up to take this initiative forward, and include several key threads, including budgets, legal, governance, organisational and membership. 

Participants will consist of the executive leadership from CDA, ECIM and PPDM, as well as BP, Shell, Maersk and Halliburton.


For more information contact:

Trudy Curtis, CEO, PPDM Association , website

Malcolm Fleming, CDA , website

Reidar Kalvig, ECIM, ED , website