TARGET Announces the official release of MEERA simulation package

TARGET announces today the official release of its MEERA simulation package. A revolutionary break through that combines AI and numerical simulation models in one framework making it the first AI-Physics augmented reservoir simulator.

MEERA Simulator is a conventional 3D, 3-phase numerical reservoir simulator which guarantees mass conservation for all compositions within the reservoir and wells using flux conserved form of finite volume discretization for governing Navier-Stokes equations. The actual simulation is performed on a multi-scale grid with arbitrary up-scaled grid block properties.

The AI/ML Engine Is a multi-layer deep learning framework having fully connected networks in conjunction with various drop-out layers and coupled with enhanced LSTM based recurrent neural networks.

‘We are extremely proud to deliver to market this extraordinary intelligent reservoir simulator’ said Ali Al Mujaini, генеральный директор TARGET. With this our clients can now produce;

Better alignment between development and operation plans and provide stable and auditable cash flow predictions to their shareholders.
Up-to-date and reliable remaining hydrocarbon maps to optimize infill drilling locations between FDP cycles.
Better optimization of development strategies by running numerous scenarios in minutes.

TARGET международная технология и услуги компании, ориентированной на предоставление цифровых решений преобразования в промышленности, управляемых данными. Мы работаем с широким кругом клиентов от политики, регуляторы, поставщики услуг и операторы, финансовые институты и инвесторы в различных отраслях промышленности. В то время как основной бизнес TARGET имеет свои истоки в нефтегазовой отрасли, наши технологические решения масштабируемые, expandable and portable across other extractive industries.

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