The Great Geobakeoff is back!

We loved following this on Twitter last year so we, at Dancy Dynamics, were delighted to read that the Geological Society’s bakeoff would be repeated this year. They write as follows:

Last year, we were astonished, delighted, and a little bit scared by your levels of enthusiasm and commitment to the geobakeoff challenge. As Easter approaches, we’ve decided to up the ante for the second annual Great Geobakeoff.

As the more geologically engaged of you will have noticed,logos 2015 sees two important themes in the world of geology, both of which lend themselves to baking adaptation. It is both the 200th anniversary of William Smith’s amazing  geological map, and the Year of Mud.



We couldn’t decide which of these themes was more suitable.

With this in mind, we present….

The 2015 Great Geobakeoff: Mud with a Smattering of Smith*

morganOnce again, at stake are our much coveted limited edition geological USB hammers, plus a Mystery Prize….

USBThe rules are unchanged – we’ll award points for completion of the challenges below, and there will be ten winners.

10 bonus points, as ever, for incorporating an edible rock hammer USB into your design.

You have until 5 May, to incorporate the Easter weekend and another bank holiday weekend. Submit your images/videos/other evidence to @geolsoc using #geobakeoff, or email them to

Your challenges are as follows….


10 points: Mud stone cake. You get the idea. Basically, a brown tray bake. Sort of like last year’s sandstone layer, only…muddier. Feel free to get creative with your mudstones though!


lonely tree20 points: Mud cracks. All and any patterns will be accepted – the more authentic the better. We will also award extra bonus points for addition of a lonely tree, as in those inspirational memes that keep popping up on Facebook.




30 points: Lahar cake

Soup up your average volcano cake with a volcanic mudflow (or lahar) down the outside.  Again, improvisation IS welcome! Extra points for including the water source (think crater lakes and glaciers) and also if you can send us a video of the lahar (chocolate) moving down the side of your cake!


40 points: Mississippi mud pie. Clearly this had to be in there! Feel free to follow a traditional recipe to make the cake, but for these 40 precious points you need to go one step further. We want to see the top of the cake decorated with either a depiction of the geology of Mississippi State or a birds eye view of the muddy Mississippi delta.














Hope you are feeling inspired. Have fun!